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The Fan Morning Show with Kevin Bowen is off to a monster start.

Along with Brendan King on Tuesday, KB welcomed the Head Coach of the Indianapolis Colts Frank Reich live from Grand Park in Westfield.

It was a terrific conversation in a very low-key setting along with Reich. The guys got to everything from Carson Wentz’s status, the battle between Jacob Eason and Sam Ehlinger, Mike Strachan bursting onto the scene, and more.

What’s interesting is when Reich was asked about Eason; And specifically about “Big E” sharing the practice field last season along with Philip Rivers.

Does Reich see any of Rivers’ old preparation tendencies in the young QB?

“It’s hard after you spend a year like that to not have something rub off on you,” Reich said. “Especially in the meetings and seeing how Philip was. But in the actual game, there’s nobody like Philip Rivers. It was like doctorate stuff of what he did in the pocket and I’m still marveled by what he did making throws. But the year with Philip was great for Jacob to see his mental preparation going in.”

Can Eason eventually become a master of reading defenses like Rivers? That’s to be determined.

For the whole interview, check it out here ⬇️

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