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It’s a great week ahead for fans of the horseshoe.

Yes, even if Carson Wentz and Quenton Nelson need to have the exact same surgery on the exact same injury by the exact same doctor. That’s another story.

Our guy Kevin Bowen has everything you need to know. ⬆️

But for real, looking past any of the setbacks to start training camp, celebratory times are had for the Indianapolis Colts.

That’s because Peyton Manning and Edgerrin James are set to be enshrined in Canton, Ohio forever.

Two of the most influential Colts ever. Guys that changed the franchise for the better. Players who cared about not only winning, but leaving something in a better position than when they found it.

Those are all signs of hall-of-famers. And we heard from a couple other ones Tuesday on The Fan Morning Show.

Jeff Saturday and Tony Dungy both dropped by the program to give their insight about what’s to come from the HOF ceremony on Sunday night.

“It is the best and here’s why,” Saturday said. “You walk in and you’re with all of the dudes that you did it with. Everybody is so appreciative and it’s a reunion of your closest friends. As you go along, it becomes story time. It is a celebration unlike any other with so much fun and so much laughing. Your chest and face literally hurts because there’s so much laughter.”

That’s a party that you can sign us up for.

How about for Coach Dungy though? He was one of the captains of the ship on a way to a Super Bowl. But with the kind of locker room that the Colts had at the time, nobody was safe from the antics that Saturday and crew laugh about today.

“We were getting ready to leave training camp one day and all of the golf carts that Jim Irsay and Bill Polian rode in were in the middle of this lake on a little island,” Dungy remembered. “Nobody could figure out how they got out there and what happened to the golf carts. We said we don’t know but it somehow was Peyton Manning.”


That’s how loose it was though. And you can bet those types of stories will be told around Canton on Sunday night.

Probably with an added expletive or two though.

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