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Over the last couple of weeks, Rick Carlisle has made the rounds on 93.5 and 107.5 The Fan with Dan Dakich and JMV.

The insight that Carlisle has provided shows that Kevin Pritchard’s plan for the Indiana Pacers will hopefully go down as a slam dunk. No pun intended.

This truly has to work for Pritchard. If it doesn’t, a lot of people, including himself, are in trouble.

Thursday on The Fan Morning Show with Brendan King and Big Joe Staysniak, we got to hear from the Pacers president.

Pritchard was asked about a multitude of topics, including the big question in town. Will Myles Turner and Domantas Sabonis work well enough together to be a legit pair down low?

Nate McMillan tried it, didn’t work. Nate Bjorkgren gave it a go, and that was a big nope.

Can Carlisle do the trick?

“There are certain characteristics that each player has that can really help each other,” Pritchard said. “We know Myles is an elite rim defender. Whereas Domas brings a unique offensive skillset. One is so good on the defensive end, and one is so good on the offensive end, so hopefully there’s an opportunity to connect. One thing I saw with Rick is that he has a game scheduler that is very intricate, and he showed me how we would play our top nine or ten players and how we could bring out the best in them.”

It’s sure going to be interesting.

For the full interview, check it out below at ⬇️

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