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It’s been an awfully quiet summer for the Indianapolis Colts; Almost too quiet.

Thus, we need some kind of drama or storyline right?

Well, all of the sudden Chris Ballard and the Colts seem to have a link to New England Patriots defensive back Stephon Gilmore.

One issue. Nobody has a clue if this story has any legs to it.

One thing is confirmed though; Gilmore is officially holding out, and he wants a new deal.

Gilmore is a stud.

The 2019 NFL Defensive Player of the Year and two-time All Pro would not come cheap. But with Julio Jones joining the Tennessee Titans, the Blue and White will need all hands on deck to defend that three-headed monster of Jones, A.J. Brown, and Derrick Henry.

On The Ride with JMV Tuesday, The Athletic’s Stephen Holder dropped by and said although the Gilmore rumor is truly out of left field, the Patriots have done crazier things.

“New England does handle these situations a little different than most teams,” Holder said. “They’re not afraid to tell a guy to take a hike. I’m not saying that they’ll make a move, but they will cut ties with a guy if they don’t fit into the bigger picture.”

Who would that guy have been that the Patriots told to go jump in a lake?

Oh yeah, he’s living in Tampa, Florida nowadays. Word on the street is he just picked up a new heavy piece of jewelry.

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