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Aaron Rodgers must really want that full time Jeopardy job.

Or he just absolutely hates playing in Green Bay.

It’s one of the two. But gosh, that whole fiasco that broke from ESPN’s Adam Schefter before the draft about Rodgers being sick of Green Bay was… interesting.

They really teased us with the San Francisco 49ers selecting third overall.

That just seemed like a potential trade was about to fall into our laps like Mac Jones did with the New England Patriots.

If there’s one person who is not on Rodgers’ side though, it’s Big Joe Staysniak. He lit up Rodgers on The Fan Morning Show Friday.

“It’s typical Aaron Rodgers and so self-centered,” Big Joe said. “It’s a sad state of affairs when these multi-millionaires are making so much money that they’re worried about how happy they are. If you can’t be happy making that kind of money and doing something you love, get the hell out and do a regular job like the rest of us.”

Boom, roasted.

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