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INDIANAPOLIS – Sound the alarms, the NFL Draft is just two weeks away.

The Colts currently have 6 draft picks available to them in 2021. They sent their 3rd rounder to the Eagles, as part of the Carson Wentz trade package, and have 1 pick in the remaining six rounds.

As we do annually, here’s a mock draft for the Colts, based strictly off positional needs.


Round 1, Pick 21: Left Tackle

-It was the biggest unknown starting job entering free agency, and it remains that way with the draft nearing. Sure, the Colts have added some offensive line depth, and in an emergency situation could tinker with lineups based off the personnel on the roster right now. But to keep this ever important unit in the ‘elite’ category, investing this type of pick to left tackle is the way to go.


Round 2, Pick 54: Edge Rusher

-Just because there’s been misses at this position doesn’t mean you all of a sudden stop swinging. When you are a defense that is a heavy zone scheme, creating pressure from that 4-man front is a must. The Colts did not have enough of that last season, and the future in the group is up in the air. While the Colts feel good about their key spots on defense (3-technique, WILL linebacker, nickel cornerback), edge rusher is not on that list.


Round 4, Pick 127: Tight End

-It is a bit fitting that the Colts don’t have a third-round pick, and the next need after the first two isn’t at the same level as left tackle or edge rusher. Tight end is next on the list. Carson Wentz needs support and the roster could use a younger, more dynamic receiving threat at tight end. Remember, the Colts haven’t drafted a tight end since the end of the 2013 Draft. That’s the longest drought in the NFL.


Round 5, Pick 165: Cornerback

-If it were up to me, you would take at least one cornerback in every NFL Draft. The Colts could use an earlier Day 3 pick on one this year. Xavier Rhodes only re-signed for 1 year and he will also turn 31 this summer. With a variety of questions on the young personnel at this position, it would be smart to add another draft pick resource to the group.


Round 6, Pick 206: Wide Receiver

-This is similar to cornerback, in terms of the Colts current depth chart. You could probably make an argument for it being higher on the list, but tight end should aid some things, and this position group again has great depth. With the age of T.Y. Hilton (31 years old, and acknowledging retirement much more than Xavier Rhodes) and the injuries of Parris Campbell, you can’t be too sure about this group.


Round 7, Pick 248: Safety

-Some might go with linebacker here after the loss of Anthony Walker, but I’ll go safety as the Colts look to get more diverse in their sub packages. The Colts did sign veteran Sean Davis in free agency, with Tavon Wilson joining the 49ers. This group could still use another body, one that would obviously play on special teams, but also who could have a skillset that might come in handy if Matt Eberflus wants to use a dime package.

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