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We’ve heard all the talk over the last few months.

*This year’s NCAA Tournament won’t feel the same!*

*How do you make a fair assessment of it all with limited fans?*

*If Gonzaga wins it all there will be an asterisk next to them forever!*

How do you feel about all that? The Gonzaga Bulldogs seem to be rolling straight to the National Championship Game. They leaped over Norfolk State, struggled at first with Oklahoma but got the win, blasted Creighton, and most recently made USC look like a JV team.

Gonzaga is really good. They’ve got three viable NBA players on their roster too. But for some reason they just don’t do it for a lot of people.

To be fair, the West Coast Conference is by no means a buzzsaw. The Zags play Portland and the University of Pacific twice a year. Big whoop.

But this year’s schedule that Mark Few put together was different at the start.

Gonzaga’s first four games of the season featured consecutive wins against Kansas, Auburn, West Virginia, and Iowa. If it wasn’t for a COVID pause, they would have matched up with Scott Drew’s Baylor Bears here in the 317 on December 5.

Now that could very well be the National Title game.

But the Bulldogs really do beg the question; If they go undefeated and win a ring, would you stack them anywhere close to the 1976 Indiana Hoosiers?

First things first. That was a long time ago.

The game has changed in countless ways. But it’s an interesting topic. That’s why we brought on one of the best in the biz to discuss it on The Fan Morning Show. ESPN’s Jordan Cornette dropped by to talk some hoops with Jeff Rickard and Big Joe Staysniak.

Jalen Suggs could be the number one overall pick over Cade Cunningham and Evan Mobley,” JC said. “There’s major talent there and this is a well coached team. They are so fun and refreshing because they take care of the basketball. They can play fast but also make the proper decisions with the ball.”

Above anything else, this year’s Gonzaga team is good for the game.

The stars of this tournament like Suggs, Cunningham, and Mobley will soon be making millions of dollars. But right now, you’re watching these kids grow up and fulfill a dream. It’s especially special knowing we didn’t even think we’d be at this point six or seven months ago.

Keep it coming, right JC?

“If we can get more teams like this in college basketball, the product is raised, the interest grows, and the sport is in a better place,” JC added “This should be appreciated not in scale compared to anybody, but just as what we want college basketball to be when it’s at its best.”

One problem for Few and company though.

They now get the absolute hottest team in the country in the Final Four. Mick Cronin and the UCLA Bruins are playing with complete house money, and they’re already marked as 14-point underdogs.

There are two things you don’t mess with in March.

1) An undefeated number one

2) A red hot double digit seed with nothing to lose

They just happen to clash on Saturday night at Lucas Oil Stadium.

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