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INDIANAPOLIS – In Week Two of free agency, the Colts are bringing a former top-5 pick at wide receiver for a free agent visit, while still expressing hope that T.Y. Hilton will return.

Sammy Watkins, the 4th overall pick by the Bills in 2014, is visiting the Colts on Wednesday.

After a visit to Baltimore on Tuesday, Watkins is someone the Colts are intrigued by.

“We think Sammy is a great player and have a lot of respect for Sammy,” Frank Reich said while appearing on the Cris Collinsworth podcast featuring Richard Sherman.

“We have to keep all options open.”

But just because the Colts want a 1-on-1 in-person look with Watkins doesn’t mean they have ruled out Hilton returning.

“Listen, I’m not going to make any bones about it, T.Y. Hilton, he’s our guy,” Reich went on to say. “We love him. He’s not as big as physical as Sammy, but T.Y. is as instinctive as a receiver as there is, and then he’s a great leader in our locker room. He’s respected and there’s still a lot of juice left in the tank for him to make the plays we need him to make. Is he going to be the same player he was when he was in his prime? No, but he doesn’t have to be. (Michael) Pittman is on the come now. He’s going to develop into a big-time receiver.

“If it works out that we get T.Y. back, then T.Y. is still going to be a big factor in what we do. But it doesn’t always happen. So, Sammy Watkins is a piece of the puzzle that we have to look at. I know Sammy has other options as well, but he’s got speed, he’s got size, he’s a playmaker. It would be foolish of us to not bring Sammy in to keep everything in place as we look at how we continue to make our team better.”

Hilton has now been free on the open market for a week. By some accounts, he might be the top receiver available, which should help him get a clear picture for what his market is like in 2021.

Even though Watkins (turns 28 in June) is four years younger than Hilton (turns 32 in November), there’s more durability questions on the younger player.

Watkins hasn’t played a full season since his rookie season. He’s missed 14 games in the last three games (Hilton missed 9 games in that span).

Is it possible the Colts would re-sign Hilton and sign Watkins?

Should Watkins be viewed as plan B depending on what happens with Hilton?

Let the free agency drama at wide receiver continue to play.