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New Indianapolis Colts quarterback Carson Wentz had himself an afternoon on Thursday.

#2 jerseys will also be flying off the shelves at the Pro Shop very shortly.

With the trade officially announced (finally) that Chris Ballard and the Colts acquired Wentz from the Philadelphia Eagles, the new star under center for the Blue and White dove into the media responsibilities.

A full press conference got his day started. Then following some meetings at the Colts facility, a one-on-one conversation on The Ride with JMV awaited Wentz.

The tumultuous ending with the Eagles has been well documented over the last few months. And Wentz was honest about it.

“A year ago today I would have told you that you’re crazy if you told me this was happening,” Wentz said. “You don’t envision it ending that way in the organization that drafted me. It was a rough year all the way around and there’s a lot of things that you watch, learn and grow from. Here we are though. We’ve got a fresh start and are excited to be in Indy.”

The popular topic after the news broke that Wentz was heading here was the state of his mental health.

On John’s show Thursday, Wentz sounded the furthest thing from having confidence issues. Now don’t get us wrong, it’s one thing to say that after hearing a conversation as opposed to the actual play on the field.

But this dude sounds ready to put the past behind him.

“I didn’t know what to think for a long time,” Wentz added. “But I knew that I loved Coach Reich. And I knew what Indy was able to do the last couple of years with a great culture. Quite frankly I was bummed to see Reich go in Philly back then. I got so much better playing for him in those two years. Here we are back together.”

There’s a long way to go. No doubt about that.

This is a great start though.

March Madness is here, it’s supposed to be in the 60’s this weekend, and there’s a new gunslinger in town. Great vibes in Downtown Indianapolis.

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