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Is Saturday at 2 PM officially the last line in the sand drawn for Archie Miller?

We talked to you earlier this week that the Indiana Hoosiers would have to pay over 10 million dollars to send Archie packing. But tomorrow afternoon may be the opportunity that can spring Miller off the hot seat.

If you can beat Purdue when they’re looking like the only team from the Hoosier State that will participate in The Big Dance being held exclusively in said state? That’s something to write home about.

The problem is Indiana has lost four in a row. They look like deer in headlights defensively. And Trayce Jackson-Davis has had just 19 points and 11 rebounds combined in his last two contests.

Purdue on the other hand looks like they’re just rounding out into form.

It just feels like that typical Boilermaker energy where if someone gets hot in March like Ryan Cline did a couple years ago, it’s game over.

One of the greatest to ever do it and the legend of Purdue himself Gene Keady was kind enough to spend a few minutes on The Dan Dakich Show Friday.

Coach Keady got us ready for Purdue vs IU round two and was adamant that without full fan attendance, this classic matchup is not its usual self. Which means you need to bring your own energy all night.

“(Purdue) is getting better and Matt (Painter) is a great coach,” Keady said. “I just enjoy seeing these kids get better and improve; Especially (Zach) Edey. We had several big kids who were really good in the Big Ten and I see that every two or three games he gets even better.”

It’s honestly unreal that one after another Purdue continues to roll out these monstrous dudes down low.

Edey is going to be causing HAVOC for many March’s to come.

Games like these are absolutely the ones you get up for whether you’re a player, coach, or even a fan though. Sure it’s the last game of the Big Ten regular season, but even if this game is played at the end of January, you know it’s about to be a gauntlet.

Coach Keady knows from experience.

“I always wanted to win this one so all of the alumni would be happy with me in the summer,” Keady joked. “I respected Coach (Knight) so much that I knew we had to play great. We also needed a good referee so it would be a good game for us.”

The Boilers breezed past the Hoosiers 81-69 back in early January.

Trevion Williams also dropped an easy double-double in 31 minutes of action. If he’s going early, then you pair that with emergence of both Edey and Jaden Ivey? Oh boy.

It might be so long Archie.

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