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The Indiana Hoosiers are under .500 and it is March 3. Not great.

Is Saturday’s matchup against the red hot Purdue Boilermakers the last straw for Archie Miller?

All signs point to a change possibly being needed on the sidelines in Bloomington. But the cost to Indiana University may be quite the penny to put up.

On The Ride with JMV Wednesday, JMV asked Jeff Rabjohns from about the challenge in fully paying what is due to Archie if they choose to go in a different direction.

“It’s one of the key questions to ask if IU doesn’t make the NCAA Tournament,” Rabjohns said. “The buyout is at 10.3 million, but it would pay out over three years. With fan bases, anger is better than apathy. Apathetic people are disengaged people. And when your fan base starts to disengage. That’s a problem.”

$10 million…

What do you say? That’s a lot more than just fans helping out on jersey sales at the bookstore.

But as Jeff said, when people are becoming less interested in the program, there lies the issue. If the Michigan State game truly was the least watched IU game on BTN in multiple years?


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