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Other than what the Indianapolis Colts should do at the quarterback position, you can bet that the common question around town from now until April will be how does Chris Ballard fill the void at left tackle.

Draft a new guy? Free agency? Move Quenton Nelson from LG to LT? The options are there.

It’s just a matter of decision making.

Greg Rakestraw is a fan of the first option. JMV likes the third. The guys discussed that topic on The Ride with JMV. For Rake and the draft idea, he mentioned that it’s a matter of changing as little as possible.

“If the Colts had their druthers they would take a left tackle at pick 21 because they know they have an all-pro left guard,” Rakestraw said. “Don’t mess with what is clearly a position of strength and keep him there. Plus at 21, you can find a very good left tackle and not pay him much. Then spend your cap space dollars on the guys you need to bring back.”

If the Blue and White did want to go down the Nelson road, could former Ball State Cardinal Danny Pinter find a consistent home at guard?

Free agency could be the route too. But as Rake told JMV, the Colts must figure out a way to patch up the offensive line while also having enough cash leftover for other key figures.

“A big part of the equation for the Colts is finding more money for Braden Smith, Darius Leonard, and Quenton Nelson,” Rake added. “My take on the situation is you draft the left tackle and keep the other four guys where they are on the line.”

We’ve got a long while before Roger Goodell announces that Indianapolis is on the clock.

Good thing too. This decision will set the tone for the next decade, just as the selection of Anthony Castonzo did in 2011.

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