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INDIANAPOLIS – With the trade for Carson Wentz, the Colts are entering draft season with easily the smallest amount of draft capital they’ve had under Chris Ballard.

Unlike previous offseasons, the Colts will enter a draft without an additional second-round pick for the first time since 2017.

They also only have 6 draft picks (for now), after sending the 85th overall selection (Round 3) in 2021 to the Eagles.

Chris Ballard has done a tremendous job at acquiring additional premium draft capital, but that is no longer there for the Colts due to the quarterback situation.

Thursday’s trade brought up the question of if/when the Colts will try to move further back in Round 1 or Round 2 come April to get back the 3rd rounder they lost for Wentz.

Remember, the Colts will either forego their 1st rounder in 2022 or their 2nd rounder in 2022 to complete that Wentz deal.

Here are the Colts current draft picks in 2021:

Round 1-21

Round 2-54

Round 4-118

Round 5-149

Round 6-182

Round 7-213

The Round 4-7 picks will likely get pushed back a few slots when compensatory picks are factored in. The Colts are not expected to have any additional compensatory picks in 2021.


This is a look at how many draft picks the Colts have had under Ballard:

-2017: 8 picks (3 in Rounds 1-3)

-2018: 11 picks (5 in Rounds 1-3)

-2019: 10 picks (4 in Rounds 1-3)

-2020: 9 picks (3 in Rounds 1-3)

-2021: 6 picks (2 in Rounds 1-3)