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The last time the Indianapolis Colts matched up with the Buffalo Bills in 2018, the Blue and White dominated Buffalo 37-5.

But Josh Allen was not under center for the Bills. Instead, it was long time backup Derek Anderson. This Saturday’s playoff opener will be the first time Frank Reich and Matt Eberflus will ever have to gameplan for Allen. The 24-year-old put up a MVP caliber season with over 4500 passing yards and 37 touchdowns.

The Colts have shown this season that they can compete with anyone when they are on. But that’s the key.

For a while in Week 17, the Jacksonville Jaguars were looking like they were riding the upset train in Lucas Oil Stadium. Former Indianapolis and Buffalo offensive lineman and co-host of The Fan Morning Show, Big Joe Staysniak jumped on The Dan Dakich Show Monday. He told DD that the Bills might be the biggest Super Bowl threat in the AFC.

“The Colts aren’t going to hang with Buffalo,” Big Joe said. “The Bills have won their last three games by 29, 29, and 30. They have a full team and can throw the ball a hell of a lot better than Jacksonville can. We talk about Allen and that he can run, but they’re the third best passing offense in the league. The Colts defense is ranked 20th in the league against the pass.”

The challenge of going to Buffalo is obvious. Plus add the factor that 6700 people will be in the stands on Saturday in 30 degree weather, and that might give the Bills a distinct advantage.

The real question may be how many tables will be broken in the state of New York this weekend?

It’s ironic that this is the first round showdown as well. In order to clinch their playoff bid, the Blue and White had to beat Jacksonville, but they also needed some assistance from around the league. Buffalo beating Miami yesterday was the cherry on top and gave the Colts a chance at a Super Bowl.

“In a playoff game you have to play 60 minutes not 45,” Big Joe added. “That’s what the Colts have been doing here lately in playing about 45 good minutes; Then the rest gets away from them. If it’s an inferior team then you’re okay. But if it’s not then you lose the ballgame.”

Indianapolis was last in Buffalo back in 2017 where they lost the blizzard overtime game 13-7. Could we be in for another snow storm this Saturday?

It would only add to the legacy of this team if they can find a way to beat the Bills at their own game of snow football.

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