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INDIANAPOLIS – With three weeks remaining in the 2020 season, the Indianapolis Colts (9-4) look like a team that will be back in the postseason.

Sunday’s victory over the Raiders (7-6) was a massive step in the right direction of that happening for the Colts.

Let’s look at both the AFC South and Wild Card races for the Colts.

Currently in the division, the Titans (9-4) still hold the tiebreaker over the Colts (9-4) thanks to a better divisional record (3-1 vs. 2-2) after both teams won in Week 14. The Colts are looking for their first AFC South title since 2014.

So at 9-4, the Colts are now thrown into the Wild Card mix, with three of those spots available in 2020 thanks to the expanded playoffs. The Colts climbed one spot up to the 6th seed with Sunday’s win, and the Dolphins (8-5) losing to the Chiefs.

According to FiveThirtyEight, the Colts have a 90 percent chance to make the playoffs and a 40 percent chance to win the AFC South. With a win on Sunday over the Texans (4-9), those numbers would jump to 96 percent to make the playoffs and 47 percent to win the division. With a loss, those numbers would fall to 68 percent to make the playoffs and 14 percent to win the division.

If the playoffs started today, the Chiefs would get the 1st round bye, and these would be the matchups on Wild Card weekend:

No. 2 Steelers vs. No. 7. Dolphins

No. 3 Bills vs. No. 6. Colts

No. 4 Titans vs. No. 5. Browns

Here’s the AFC playoff standings:

Division Leaders

1. Chiefs (12-1): at Saints (10-3), Falcons (4-9), Chargers (4-9)

2. Steelers (11-2): at Bengals (2-10-1), Colts (9-4), at Browns (9-4)

3. Bills (10-3): at Broncos (5-8), at Patriots (6-7), Dolphins (8-5)

4. Titans (9-4): Lions (5-8), at Packers (10-3), at Texans (4-9)


Wild Card Teams

5. Browns (9-4): at Giants (5-8), at Jets (0-13), Steelers (11-2)

6. Colts (9-4): Texans (4-9), Steelers (11-2), Jaguars (1-12)

7. Dolphins (8-5): Patriots (6-7), at Raiders (7-6), at Bills (10-3)


Outside Looking In

8. Ravens (8-5): Jaguars (1-12), Giants (5-8), at Bengals (2-10-1)

9. Raiders (7-6): Chargers (4-9), Dolphins (8-5), at Broncos (5-8)