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Entering Week 11 of the NFL season, the AFC South features a neck-and-neck race between the Indianapolis Colts and Tennessee Titans for the top spot.

Although the Houston Texans have struggled, Deshaun Watson has looked more true to form after the departure of Bill O’Brien. Watson can make defenses pay for mistakes on a week-to-week basis. But out of Philip Rivers, Ryan Tannehill, Gardner Minshew, and Watson, who is the best in the division?

Monday on The Dan Dakich Show, DD asked Sean Salisbury for his thoughts on that topic. He said it’s all about the W’s.

“Part of the job of being a good quarterback is making everyone around you better,” Salisbury said. “I’d rather have an ugly win than a pretty loss. Is Watson the best in the division? Yeah. But you have to win. If you’re going to be considered the best, you have to come out of the locker room faster and it can’t be just dominance in the 4th quarter.”

The division features four quarterbacks with all different styles. Rivers is in your face with the trash talk and has to win ugly games. Tannehill won’t light up the stat sheet, but he gets the job done and is a winner. Watson is all over the field and can never be counted out. And Minshew has had his moments, but he’s not a proven NFL guy.

“I think this year when you talk about the consistency it’s probably Tannehill,” Salisbury added. “But Rivers has played pretty darn good in certain moments. It has kind of shifted weekly with who is the best. Last week Philip was fantastic, then the next week your head is shaking. It’s really a toss up.”

With the stretch the Colts are in as well, they need Rivers to perform like the 25 million dollar contract warrants. The Green Bay Packers come to town this Sunday, then it’s another matchup with Tannehill and the Titans.

The Week 12 battle at Lucas Oil Stadium against Tennessee may also have sole possession of the AFC South on the line.

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