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What in the world is going on with Victor Oladipo?

During the summer before the bubble officially kicked off, Oladipo said he would not play with the Indiana Pacers. That gave fans and media alike a hunch that he may want out of town. But shortly later, he reversed the decision and then played in four games as Indiana was swept by Miami.

It’s been relatively quiet since then, but once again things are starting to heat up on the Oladipo front after an IndyStar story by J. Michael. He reported that according to three NBA sources, Oladipo asked players on the Toronto Raptors, New York Knicks, and Miami Heat if he “could come play with” them in front of Pacer teammates.

Even though the story is from a significant source, Dan Dakich wanted to clear things up on Thursday. He welcomed former Indiana head basketball coach Tom Crean on the show to see what he has heard from Oladipo.

If anyone knows Vic, it’s Coach Crean.

“The timing of something like that makes absolutely zero sense,” Crean said. “That’s not the Victor I know and coached. Victor was becoming excited about (the relationship with coach Nate Bjorkgren) and there was a new energy with that.”

Crean called into the show shortly after he talked with Oladipo personally. He also commended Bjorkgren on his willingness to get to know and understand what Oladipo has gone through since his injury.

“He said he didn’t say those things,” Crean added. “The Knicks weren’t even in the bubble and they didn’t play the Raptors. Unless someone actually heard him say it and puts their name to it, that’s a really tough thing. I asked him a couple times and he was a little ticked off about me asking.”

Indy has already been through this with Paul George. Very simply, Pacers fans want the guys they have to be passionate about playing at Bankers Life Fieldhouse.

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