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It seems like every week there is some sort of argument about what authorizes a catch in the National Football League.

Because of technological advancements in how the game is presented, played, and reviewed, there is a sense among many that every call needs to be perfectly definitive and along with the rulebook. And on numerous occasions, that comes back to bite the league.

Monday on The Ride with JMV, the catch rule and instant replay was brought up after the Philip Rivers incomplete pass on Sunday that turned into an interception for the Baltimore Ravens.

JMV, along with the rest of Colts nation, was not happy about the decision.

“We know better than they do,” JMV said. “We use common knowledge. They put a bunch of lawyer-speak in a rulebook about what constitutes a catch. They’ll never get it right and it will never be universal. So we should all sit back and soak up the fact that we know better.”

The “interception” was also the only one for Rivers on the day. If the replay decision was not made, it would have marked back-to-back weeks without a pick for the Colts QB.