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The 202o NFL Combine has come and gone, but not without providing multiple rumors involving the Colts and what they’ll do at quarterback this offseason.

Multiple reports pegged free agent veteran Philip Rivers to Indy, but one came later in the week that took people by even more surprise – the Colts having interest in trading for…Andy Dalton?

It’s something that Kevin Bowen discussed on Monday’s Fan Morning Show with Jeff & Big Joe.

“I don’t really see the point of it at all,” Bowen told the guys about the possibility of the Colts making a move for Dalton.

“I think Jacoby Brissett is your backup and you figure out who your starter would be would make sense if you go that route. Yeah I don’t understand that at all. I don’t think Andy Dalton is going to come in here and be a starter here certainly that is going to lead you anywhere you want to go in January, and him as a backup just seems to be a really, really high priced backup so yeah I don’t understand that at all.”

Andy Dalton is essentially Jacoby Brissett with a few more years experience at this point. Unless he’s surrounded by an incredibly talented team like he was in 2015 in Cincinnati, he’s not turning many heads.

That on top of the fact that the Colts would have to trade away assets for someone like him, and it just doesn’t make any sense like KB said.

Philip Rivers’ beauty right now is that he’s a free agent. He’s someone you could take a flyer on for a year and not have to tie yourself to him longterm. It’s something that Bowen mentioned this morning as well.

Where does he think the Colts big money could go to this offseason?

“At quarterback in terms of the big name unless it’s Rivers I really don’t see Brady happening so I tend to think it’s more of that defensive line group. If for some reason Amari Cooper hit the open market I think the Colts would be foolish not to look a little deeper into that and see a guy that is still in his mid-twenties and help you get that new number one wideout without having to force that number 13th overall pick at that position. We know Ballard loves to go trenches early in the draft.”

Luckily for the Colts Anthony Castonzo has decided to return for the 2020 season so less investment will need to be made in those trenches.

At least until next year.


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