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Mel Kiper Jr. is the voice of the NFL Draft.

Like Dan always says he, “created an industry”.

So when he speaks up about the upcoming draft, we have to listen.

That’s exactly what he did on The Dan Dakich Show on Wednesday. Dan was interested where Tua Tagovailoa may end up, but more specifically, if the former Alabama quarterback could somehow make his way to Indy.

“Yes. They would be a team that would certainly be in the discussion with the Raiders in there at 12 if they feel they can do better than Derek Carr. It could be the Carolina Panthers, it could be the Chargers, it could be Miami,” Kiper told Dan.

“All those teams could be looking to move up. Well you’ll say ‘Why Miami? They’re at 5’. Well they may not be high enough if Tua’s medical comes out positive. They may have to move up to 3 or 4. That’s why I put Tua at 3 to the Detroit Lions. I think the Colts are one of those teams that could certainly be in that mix.”

Everyone would be surprised if Chris Ballard made that much of a leap. Even for a quarterback like Tua.

What happens if they don’t move up higher to draft Tua? What about someone like Justin Herbert from Oregon?

“I don’t know. I can honestly tell you, Dan, I don’t know what Herbert’s going to be. And if you don’t know, you don’t take him.”

Fair enough.

Kiper’s current mock draft has the Colts selecting South Carolina defensive tackle, Javon Kinlaw.

What does he like so much about him?

“Freakish talent. He’s an upfield guy. He gets into the backfield. He’s got versatility. He’s just enormously gifted, but I’m not sure he’ll be there at 13,” Kiper said about Kinlaw.

“My thing would be here: (Justin) Herbert, CeeDee Lamb, (Jerry) Jeudy, and Kinlaw. Will any of those four still be there at 13?”

It would be great if the Colts have an option of one of those with their first round pick in April.

Then, Dan dropped the Jordan Love bomb on Kiper. Is Kiper a fan of Love coming into the draft?

“Tough guy to evaluate,” Kiper told Dan.

“Because this year he lost four or five starters on the offensive line. He lost Darwin Thompson, his running back, to the draft and the Kansas City Chiefs. He lost tight end Dax Raymond, and his top three receivers. All gone. So his top five overall receivers in terms of catching passes, his top running back, and his top offensive lineman. You can’t do all that at Utah State and reload.”

One thing seems to be clear – if the Colts stay at 13, they will most likely be really pleased with the player who lands to them.