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The Monday after the Colts don’t play is one of the worst Mondays of the year around the office, and Ben Glover dreads it every season. 

“I almost call into work sick,” Glover, a 31 year old freight salesman in Indianapolis said. 

Office small talk is always a factor when thinking about returning to work to start a new week, but without the Colts to have as a topic, trips to the water cooler are down nearly 20{5cc93c20f90a32e13f8959d57682c5e5d5b1db216370168a8280434e1df7d759} among workers in the central Indiana area. 

“What else are we supposed to talk about?” said Glover. 

It doesn’t just effect trips to the water cooler, either. Folks in the work place are less likely to take the elevator, fill up their coffee, or eat lunch in a common area on a Monday after the Colts didn’t play the day before. 

“Look, any time the Colts play you can at least fake your way through it.” Glover said. “You see the score, you can ask a typical ‘are they ever going to figure it out?’ Or ‘it’s just not the same since Peyton left’, but without them at all…it’s tough.”

Luckily for most workers in the Indianapolis metro area, the weather has been unusually warm recently. This has provided an easy filler in place of the Colts until next week.