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Greg Rakestraw fills in for Dan Dakich on The Dan Dakich Show and he is joined by the Indianapolis Motor Speedway President, Doug Boles. They discuss the new event coming to the speedway next fall, the proper balance with events, the event going on this weekend, and more.

On the event coming next fall:

“It is the GT Continental Series. It is a challenge series with cars that a lot of us recognize, BMWs, Audis, all kinds of cars. It is a GT series which means that it is loosely based on production cars versus the prototype cars that you can see on the street. We are pretty excited about it. It will be 180 MPH plus on the road course and an eight hour race on Sunday and then several shorter races throughout the weekend. We are pretty excited about the opportunity to host that so it will be the first proper, professional endurance race that the Indianapolis Motor Speedway has had since its inception in 1909 so we are excited.”

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