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Kevin Bowen joins The Fan Morning Show with Jeff and Big Joe to discuss the preseason opener for the Colts. The Colts lost to the Bills last night sixteen to twenty four but Kevin Bowen is more focused on individual performances. Kevin Bowen goes into the fact that the starters always look sluggish in preseason and how that might have an effect on the regular season.

“What are the top three or four things that stood out to you from that football game last night?”

“I’m glad you threw out that caveat that you are graded on individual performances. Do these consistent sluggish starts form the Colts’ starters in the preseason lead to some of the regular season struggles we have seen out of the gate. This is a football team that started one and nine in the first few weeks of the season over the last five years. That’s always in the back of my mind. From a starting stand point I thought that the offensive line was pretty weak. I thought Jacoby Brissett could’ve been a little bit better. He had that one drag route to Devin Funchess where he didn’t lead him on the third down. If you take out Funchess first catch I mean you had like ten plays for eight yards for this starting offense. I thought that was pretty poor. On the defensive side of the ball I would’ve liked to see more of a pass rush especially when you got into some obvious passing situations with Josh Allen. I thought most of the positives really came in the second half. Guys like Chad Kelly and Daurice Fountain.”

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