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Larra Overton joins the show to discuss what she saw from the Colts’ preseason opener against the Bills. Larra goes into some performances she thought stood out including Colts’ quarterback Chad Kelly. Jeff and Big Joe ask Larra how she feels about the offensive line and what she saw out of them last night. Larra also goes into the Ian Silberman injury that occurred before the game.

“What did you learn last night?”

“No major injuries. That was what we learned last night. That was significant especially after what we saw from the preseason last year. You know guys like Deon Cain suffering injuries like they did. His comeback. I mean the amount of confidence he was able to have in that knee was huge. Hey Indy, meet Carroll Phillips. Speaking of guys coming back from injury. He was certainly a bright spot for that defense. Chad Kelly had himself a day. Starting off with a fantastic start of his time with the Colts. He has already put together a great tape. Whether it is for him to stay in Indy or he will likely get a chance elsewhere. Certainly the type of performance you would want to see from him given the amount of time he had in the second half.”

“We were shocked that Ian Silberman during warm ups had to be taken to the hospital. We were told it was abdominal, any more information on that?”

“I don’t and that’s tough to speculate but yea that is exactly what I heard. I saw him walk off the field after the Colts’ first drive. That’s when I saw him leave the field. So it’s indeterminate exactly when that injury occurred at least from where I was. Luckily he was able to make the trip back and be able to handle that. Hopefully nothing major with the fact that he was released so quickly.”

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