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Kevin Bowen joins The Dan Dakich Show to talk to Greg Rakestraw about the Colts’ preseason opener. Kevin goes into the keys he saw from the game including Deon Cain playing football again and Chad Kelly playing fairly well. Greg asks Kevin how he feels about the Colts’ offensive line and what they need to do to open things up for the Colts’ offense. 

“What are a couple of key take aways from the game last night?”

“I started with the starting units and I say that in quotes because the Colts basically rested eleven or twelve of the guys that I would expect to be week one starting line-up. I didn’t think it was great on either side of the ball especially offensively. I thought the offensive line and quite honestly some of the starters, Quenton Nelson and Braden Smith, had a couple of hiccups there and just could not get anything going in the run game. I thought Frank Reich made it pretty clear to Larra Overton at halftime what his thoughts were on the rushing effort form the starting unit. I thought defensively it was a stagnant pass rush in obvious passing situations early on was a bit of an issue. I think when you got into the late first half and early second half that is where you saw some younger performances really shine. The fact that Deon Cain is playing football again is big.”

“What I saw from last night is just further proof of just how vital Anthony Castonzo and Ryan Kelly are. You saw that last night with the lack of a run game. Am I making too much out of what I saw in a couple series or is that an accurate statement?”

“No and obviously we can pop in some 2018 film when those guys were not on the field versus when they were on the field. I thought Le’Raven Clark and Josh Andrews had some questionable moments last night. I also thought two returning starters in Quenton Nelson and Braden Smith, you would have just expected better from them earlier on.”

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