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Former Colt Barry Krauss talks to Greg Rakestraw about what he saw from the Colts’ first preseason game against the Bills. Barry goes into the fact that the outcome of the game doesn’t matter because coaches use the preseason to watch the every move of every player to see who their play makers are. Greg Rakestraw asks about Bobby Okereke and what Barry feels about the linebacker position in general.

“Overall what are your impressions from the first game of the Indianapolis Colts’ preseason.”

“First off I am so excited that football is back I’ve been missing football. Unfortunately it was a preseason game. It was a typical preseason game as well. There was some good things and a lot of things you need to work on. Coach Reich made a comment in his post-game interview saying that he was disappointed in the lack of running game. There was no consistency there. They rushed for about one hundred and five yards and Chad Kelly the quarterback got thirty three of those.”

“We saw two new faces at linebacker last night you can’t take whichever one first you want to. Your thoughts about Bobby Okereke and E.J. Speed.”

“Okereke, you know, not bad. I think they did a pretty good job. One of the things I coach is looking for at linebacker is how well they fill and how well they flow. Are they where they are supposed to be? They looked overall pretty good. As a rookie you get out there in front of those NFL guys and you just think: really? You have to get over that and try to make that impact as quickly as you can.”

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