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INDIANAPOLIS – The writing was pretty clear on Thursday night.


When Evan Boehm didn’t play with the starting unit in the preseason finale, meaning he wasn’t one of the team’s top 10 offensive linemen, his time in Indianapolis was about to end.


That time officially came to a close on Friday afternoon, when the Colts traded Boehm to the Miami Dolphins.


The terms of the trade have the Colts sending a 2020 draft pick to Miami, with an undisclosed conditional 2020 pick being sent in return to Indianapolis.


In theory, the Colts will be sending the Dolphins a lower draft pick, and getting a higher one in return, for a player they were likely going to cut.


Even though Boehm started 4 games last season in place of Ryan Kelly, he was being passed up on the depth chart by a pair of interior backups.


Josh Andrews and Jake Eldrenkamp had moved past Boehm early in camp, indicating that the former 4th round pick wasn’t likely to make the roster in 2019.


Currently, the Colts have 14 offensive linemen on their 53-man roster.


Following Thursday’s preseason finale, I had predicted 9 offensive linemen to make the team, and those names haven’t changed for me.


Adding another, presumably higher, pick does bolster the draft capital for the Colts in 2020, just in case they feel the need to move up for a quarterback next April.


Here’s an up to date look at the 9 draft picks for the Colts in the 2020:


-Round 1 (Colts)

-Round 2 (Colts)

-Round 2 Washington Football Team)

-Round 3 (Colts)

-Round 4 (Colts)

-Round 5 (Colts)

-Round 6 (Colts)

-Round 6 (Chiefs, via Jets)

-Round 7 (Colts)


-The Colts will be trading one of these 2020 picks to the Dolphins and getting a conditional 2020 pick in return from Miami.

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