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INDIANAPOLIS – We are less than two months away from NFL free agency beginning.

Over the next few weeks, you will start to see some teams take care of their own unrestricted free agents that they want to bring back.

For the Colts, they have 12 unrestricted free agents, with not a lot of guarantees on who to definitely bring back.

Anthony Castonzo Free Agent Watch

Unquestionably, Anthony Castonzo is the biggest free agent for the Colts in 2020.

And the question with Castonzo isn’t whether or not he plays somewhere else this coming fall.

Castonzo, 31, has already stated either he plays with the Colts in 2020 or he decides to retire.

The Colts have not held back in expressing how badly they want Castonzo to return.

“Let me say this, I hope he does (return),” Chris Ballard said of Castonzo earlier this month. “I hold Anthony Castonzo in high, high regard. It’s a shame that (this is) the first time he’s even been voted as an alternate to the Pro Bowl. Since I walked in the door, Anthony Castonzo has played at a really high level at left tackle. I can’t believe people are just now starting to recognize it.

“Anthony and I will be in touch here over the next two or three weeks, and he’ll make a decision. I know this, Anthony loves the Indianapolis Colts, he loves being here, so we’ll see what decision he makes. And, if he decides to retire, then it’s our job to find an answer.” 

If Castonzo does indeed return for a 10th NFL season, it will obviously be a huge relief on so many levels. He’s one of the most important players on this team.

IF that happens, an interesting storyline to watch will be the type of contract is given to Castonzo.

-Franchise tag?


-Short-term deal?


-Long-term deal?


How might Castonzo’s openness about possibly retiring impact those talks?


Of course, that’s on the back burner until Castonzo decides what he wants to do in 2020, and beyond.

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