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Greg Rakestraw is back with his first February edition of Indy Eleven Soccer Saturday and has a full plate of guests coming your way. In the opening segment Greg previews what you will be listening to throughout the program today. You are now back to regular scheduled programming with Martin Rennie joining the show and this week he discusses how beneficial it is having roughly eight-five percent of the 2019 roster returning for 2020, how the roster is starting to round out, and gives an update on how the pre-season is going so far for the club. Last week it was Andrew Carelton joining the show, but this week it is goal keeper Evan Newton joining to talk to Greg about how things are going with the newest addition to the Newton family, how he has transformed his body during the off-season, and answers the question if he has ever been a part of a team that has brought back so many players. Pike High School graduate and soon to be Indiana Soccer Hall of Fame inductee, Lori Lindsey, joins the program to discuss what kind of care package she would ask for when she comes back for the first time in a long time, describes how youth soccer got her ready for her college and international career, and what it’s like seeing a club like Indy Eleven in Indianapolis.


What are your thoughts of adding Andrew Carelton?…

Rennie says, “Yeah, it’s really exciting to have him on the team. I think that everyone who follows U.S. Soccer at the younger ages know that he is one of the most talented players that have come up in the past few years. He probably  got signed one of the biggest clubs in the MLS at the age of 16 and he’s been on a club where there’s been so many superstars playing in the position he plays, so he hasn’t had as many opportunities as he might’ve had elsewhere. It’s a good opportunity for him to be in a different environment and to work with our team and for us to work with him because he can help out team a lot.”


What work have you put in this off-season?…

Netwon says, “Last year was obviously disappointing, I felt like my body was falling a part even before the injuries and obviously it literally started falling a part. I knew I had a lot to do, I had two serious injuries that I needed to get sorted out and was it was kind of a career time for me like I can either get back on track and save my career or it’s probably going to spiral downhill year by year. I was in ice baths three days a week and have totally revamped my body, moving better, getting healthy, and stronger.”


What was the women’s World Cup experience like as an analyst?…

Lindsey’s response was, “It was fabulous. I think the biggest thing is that I stayed involved in the game anyway  and fortunately I found a broadcast channel and I love it because it feels a lot like playing. Not being able to participate in this World Cup, but to analyze these games and enjoy it as a fan and at a professional level as well was unbelievable.”


Listen below for Greg’s conversations with Martin Rennie, Evan Newton, and Lori Lindsey!

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