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Tonight, Curt and Kevin recap IndyCar’s first non-championship race since 2008. They give a rundown of what went right and wrong at Thermal Club, what the experience was like, and the fan experience. Kevin and Curt talk about the popularity of amenities in the area, including the popularity of ice cream with the driver. Kevin gives some insight on the life of a crew member, and how tough the job is. Kevin discusses how this race will benefit the Thermal Club, and the crowd size. 

Later in the first hour of the show, Kevin and Curt talk about the upcoming test at IMS and how it will be streamed on Peacock. They discuss IMSA’s schedule being released, and what can be gleaned from IndyCar’s future schedule from the IMSA schedule. They talk about things that could be improved for next year at Thermal, and Kevin gives some suggestions on when the race could be next year. 

Kevin rounds out the first hour previewing the second hour of the show. 

In the second hour of the show, Kevin and Curt talk about seeing John Elway at the race, and the celebrities who were at the event. They read some tweets, including some that were negative about the event. They address ways to fix the tire degradation problem that happened. Kevin answers questions about non-points concerns, and how the broadcast crew addressed the fact that it’s a non-championship race. They discuss the problem with Pietro Fittipaldi during the race. 

Later in the second hour, the two give a rundown on who will compete in the 500 this year. Kevin talks about Katherine Legge’s possibility of competing, and Conor Daly. 

Kevin ends the show going over things they missed earlier in the show. 

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