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AFC Wild Card Playoffs - Cleveland Browns v Houston Texans

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After last year’s backup-turned-starter Gardner Minshew signed a lucrative deal with the Las Vegas Raiders, the Colts quickly pivoted and grabbed another veteran to sit behind Anthony Richardson. 

This time, it was former Super Bowl MVP Joe Flacco, who is fresh off winning Comeback Player of the Year for saving the Browns season and leading them to a playoff appearance. Flacco, who had signaled a desire for a chance to start, and to stay in Cleveland, will not see a single regular season snap in a Colts uniform if all goes according to plan next year. 

At 39 years old, and with 16 years of NFL experience under his belt, Flacco could be the ideal mentor for Richardson. Both have cannons for right arms, and while no one is going to mistake Flacco for a mobile quarterback, Steichen has proven in the past that he can work around that. 

Overall, the move garnered positive reviews from fans, and media personalities alike.  

On Thursday’s edition of The Ride With JMV, Zak Keefer of The Athletic joined the show and gave his thoughts on the Colts new backup quarterback. 

“I loved this signing; I’ll just be completely honest. I love it for a couple of reasons. Everyone complains that he’s not like Anthony Richardson, and if Richardson goes down they have to change the offense. If Richardson goes down, the whole season takes a turn. They’re probably not going to make the playoffs…if he goes down what does it matter what the offense looks like? I mean I guess if they’re in playoff race I could understand that but Flacco just did that. He just took over a Browns team that was undeniably better with him at quarterback, than the $260 million guaranteed quarterback in Deshaun Watson.. So if they get to that bridge they’ll get there, that’s fine with me. His arm is still really, really good, dare I say elite. He throws a beautiful ball, and that matters.” 

Zak also felt positive about what Flacco can bring to the Colts in the locker room and meeting rooms. 

“This has some Matt Hasselbeck vibes for me. He came in during Andrew Luck’s 2nd year, and they not only became best friends but Hasselbeck really helped Luck see the entire game, and learn from the film, and understand so many different things he didn’t as a, these are Andrew’s words, ‘stubborn, hard-headed rookie’…I’m not sure this is the same situation, the Colts didn’t win 11 games with Richardson last year, but I think the presence, and the tutelage, and everything that Flacco has seen, he’s been in so many different positions. He’s been the young first-round pick with all the expectations, he’s been a Super Bowl MVP, he’s been the guy that they were trying to run out of town… he’s been the guy that comes in as a backup last year in Cleveland, and really takes over when Deshaun Watson gets hurt and leads them to the playoffs, right? Comeback Player of the Year! So I think he’s seen so much in the league, and that’s going to help.” 

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