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Colts Again Prioritize Resigning Their Own; Is That A Mistake?

The Indianapolis Colts once again followed their own script for free agency, staying out of the initial frenzy while mostly focusing on bringing back and rewarding their own players. 

Michael Pittman Jr, Zaire Franklin, Grover Stewart, Kenny Moore II, Tyquan Lewis, Rigoberto Sanchez; all received contract extensions and will remain with the team for the next several years at least. None of these moves were shocking, and all of them were well deserved. Pittman and Stewart especially showed just how valuable they were to the Colts when they missed games in 2023. 

However, there had been some speculation that the team would be more aggressive this offseason in bringing in outside talent, especially since they have their quarterback of the future on a rookie deal. Pittman will be a nice security blanket for Anthony Richardson, and Josh Downs showed a lot of potential in his rookie season, but the Colts still lack a proven home run hitter in the passing game. Meanwhile, their secondary remains one of the youngest in the league, and it was continuously an issue for them last season.  

It’s well known that Colts GM Chris Ballard prefers to wait for the initial frenzy to pass before diving into the market. But while no team wins the Super Bowl in March, and there are plenty of stories of teams overpaying for a player only to regret it later, the Colts cautious approach since Ballard arrived hasn’t exactly paid off either. Might it be time for the Colts to consider a change to their philosophy? 

During Tuesday’s edition of The Ride With JMV, Brad Spielberger of PFF joined the show, where he gave his thoughts on the Colts cautious approach to free agency. 

“It is generally the better approach. You look at the organizations that historically do it, and again I know this year we just saw Pittsburgh sign Patrick McQueen at linebacker, we saw Green Bay make a big splash for Xavier McKinney at safety, Dallas never does it and they haven’t done it this year, the Ravens kind of never do the first wave…I just named four of the better organizations in the sport that are perennial playoff teams and also believe in the draft and develop philosophy.” 

Brad also explained that, while being cautious can be smart, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t take a swing when the opportunity presents itself. 

“I do think every once in a while, and I think now the context of you have a rookie-contract quarterback that you’re trying to build around, every once in a while you should make moves here and there. I like retaining Kenny Moore, I like retaining Tyquan Lewis, I thought he had his best season by far as a Colt, but maybe they could have picked their spots a little bit here and there on some external players as well.” 

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