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Indianapolis Colts v Tennessee Titans

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The Indianapolis Colts entered the season with low expectations. The main focus was on developing Anthony Richardson; everything else seemed secondary. 

When Richardson went down with a season-ending injury, it was hard for Colts fans to see the season as anything but lost. The Colts however, didn’t share that mentality. They kept grinding, and somehow, kept winning.  

They now find themselves sitting at 7-5, owning the 7th-seed in the AFC, with a slate of winnable games remaining on their schedule. The playoffs are a realistic possibility.  

Whether or not the Colts do end up making the postseason, this first year under head coach Shane Steichen can be considered a success. The Colts have overcome the loss of Richardson, Grover Stewart, Isaiah Rodgers, Jonathan Taylor, and more, and are somehow still alive in the playoff race. Their offense has continued to produce, despite all of the obstacles.  

The Colts may not make the playoffs. If they do make it in, there’s a good chance they face a much more talented team, and get knocked out in the first round. No matter what happens, Colts fans can rest assured knowing that all of the evidence points to them having the right guy leading the team. 

During Monday’s edition of The Ride With JMV, John spoke to Spero Dedes of CBS Sports. Spero gave his thoughts on how this season will be viewed.  

“I think whatever happens the rest of the season, this has been an unbridled success for year 1 under Shane Steichen.” 

Spero would elaborate, diving into what exactly Steichen has done right. 

“The culture, the way that he’s changed [that] overnight. I just think this year was all about ‘Let’s just fix the culture, let’s fix the vibe around this team. Let’s make Indianapolis be a destination where potential free agents and other guys around the league want to come to the way it was here for so long with Peyton Manning and that whole crew.’ So I think they’ve taken a big, big step in that direction, and if this team can somehow sneak into the playoffs? Holy cow, I mean it’s just a smashing success.” 

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