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Cleveland Browns v Indianapolis Colts

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Going into yesterday’s game against the Cleveland Browns, Jonathan Taylor rushed the ball 14 times for 37 yards. He returned closer to 2021 form and was a bright spot of the Indianapolis Colts offense despite the 39-38 loss.

Taylor and Zack Moss each played 35 snaps and had identical workloads.

  • Jonathan Taylor – 18 attempts 75 yards 1 TD & 3 receptions 45 yards
  • Zack Moss – 18 attempts 57 yards & 1 reception 5 yards

When you factor in the increased workload for Taylor the last two weeks, Moss has seen a slight dip in his efficiency. His 3.2 (Cleveland game) and 3.0 (Jacksonville game) are the two lowest averages as a Colt when seeing 5+ attempts.

The calling card for Moss is his ability to shed tacklers and wear down the defense as the game goes on. This is how Moss performed in the two halves yesterday:

  • 1st Half – 10 attempts 48 yards & 1 rec 5 yards
  • 2nd Half – 8 attempts 9 yards & 0 rec 0 yards

Now when you compare those halves to Taylor, you can clearly see he was able to navigate through more attempted tacklers and crank out small gains to put the offense in manageable third downs.

  • 1st Half – 8 attempts 42 yards & 1 rec 19 yards 
  • 2nd Half – 10 attempts 32 yards 1 TD & 2 rec 26 yards

After Taylor’s touchdown drive with 7 touches for 50 yards with 5:11 to go in the third quarter, the Colts offense struggled to move the ball down the field in three of their final four drives.

  • Moss – 6 attempts 7 yards
  • Taylor – 3 attempts 1 yard & 1 reception 6 yards

Moss was fantastic filling in for Taylor the first four weeks and the Tennessee game with a limited JT, but it’s time to unleash him.

On Monday’s Query & Company with Jake Query & Jimmy Cook, they discussed that topic with IndyStar Colts beat reporter Joel Erickson.

“We’re at the point now where it’s time the offense to run through him, especially in the fourth quarter. Whoever the offense is being run through in a close game is who should be getting it in the fourth quarter.”

Other topics that Erickson discussed on Query & Company were:

  • His perspective on the ending of the game
  • If the secondary shortcomings falls on Chris Ballard more than Gus Bradley
  • How the offensive line performed

To listen to Jake Query and Jimmy Cook’s conversation with Joel Erickson, download the podcast containing the conversation below! You can always listen to the Query & Company from 12pm-3pm on 93.5/107.5 The Fan. You can also watch and interact with the show by going to the 107.5 The Fan YouTube Channel.

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