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NFL: SEP 24 Broncos at Dolphins

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It’s time for another edition of Sunday Scaries! We’re into Week 3 and we had plenty of good scary and some really bad scary (hello again, Bears and Broncos!) but we’ll see how everything shakes out!  Let’s dive in!

Good Scary: The Dolphins Looks Like The Team To Beat In The AFC

70 POINTS! Let me say that again for those with outdated glasses prescriptions: SEVENTY F’IN POINTS! That’s how many points the Miami Dolphins put on the Denver Broncos on Sunday.  And they could have easily had more.  Fans were begging for them to try and break the all-time record in points but Mike McDaniel took the high road and stopped the bludgeoning.  Over 700 yards of offense in a game where Jaylen Waddle didn’t play and an absolute dismemberment of the Broncos.  Sean Payton may be eating his words about Nathaniel Hackett if he isn’t already.  The Broncos look awful.  The Dolphins look like legit Super Bowl contenders with the powerhouse offense.

Indianapolis Colts v Baltimore Ravens

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Good Scary: The Colts Kicking Issues Look To Be A Thing of The Past

How many years have Colts fans been sweating their kicking situation?  Nothing past 40 yards ever seemed to be a certainty in the seasons after Adam Vinatieri hung up the cleats.  That is until now.  The signing of kicker Matt Gay raised some eyebrows in free agency (hand raised right here!), but it seems like it has been money well spent to get a proven veteran at a position that has been a major concern in recent memory.  Gay earned the bag full of cash he signed for by going a perfect 5-for-5 for field goals in their 22-19 win over the Baltimore Ravens, including the game-winning 53-yarder.  Gay nailed three 53-yard field goals, a 50-yarder and a 54-yarder.  The days of worrying about the kicker are over Colts fans!

New England Patriots (15) Vs. New York Jets (10) At MetLife Stadium

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Bad Scary: Zach Wilson Ain’t It

The level of hype for the Jets heading into the NFL season was reaching Taylor Swift/Travis Kelce levels of anticipation in the fan base.  Four plays into the first game of the season and it all went up in a cloud of smoke as Aaron Rodgers’ Achilles tendon exploded on the MetLife Stadium turf.  Fans were distraught, players were shellshocked and the solution was: Zach Wilson.  Boy, does he suck.  If it wasn’t apparent last season when Wilson seemingly lost the locker room in favor of backup Mike White, it may be even more evident now that he is the weakest link on a Jets team that was hoping to never have to put him in a game unless it was garbage time.  But here we are, and the Jets Super Bowl hopes look dismal at best with Wilson at the helm.  Against their arch nemesis, the New England Patriots, Wilson was only able to muster 157 yards on 18-of-36 passes with no touchdowns or interceptions.  He was booed off the field repeatedly and teammates on the sidelines were visibly begging him to be somewhat serviceable.  No dice.  I don’t know what the solution for the Jets is.  Pie in the sky fans are hoping to land Kirk Cousins if the Vikings continue their tailspin.  I’m not sure if there even is a viable solution, but it seems almost impossible that the Jets can roll with Wilson for 14 more games.

Early Bad Scary For Week 4: The Broncos/Bears Square Off In Early Toilet Bowl Game

Holy hell, what a hideous game this is going to be.  Two teams who were outscored by their opponents 111-30 in their Week 3 games square off.  Both winless.  Both with fan bases buying more head-sized paper bags than team apparel as of late.  It’s a game that even the most die-hard fan of either team should only watch on the rare occasions NFL RedZone checks in on it.  Dolphins-Bills is on at the exact same time.  Please watch that.  It’s a game that’s worthy of ending in a 0-0 tie and that’s not entirely out of the realm of possibility given how both offenses have operated thus far.


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