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NFL: OCT 29 Saints at Colts

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A new study has revealed which of the National Football League’s mascots is the most loved on Instagram.

The research, conducted by casino slot experts Raging Bull Slots, looked at several metrics to determine which team’s mascots are most popular on Instagram, including profile follower counts, engagement rates, and the percentage of followers reached with each post.  

All major NFL teams with business accounts on Instagram were assessed (so not the Denver Broncos, Kansas City Chiefs and the Philadelphia Eagles) and awarded a total score out of 30, to name the fan-favorite mascots. 

Take a look below at the list of the top ten most popular NFL mascots ranked.

1. Cleveland Browns – Brownie the Elf

Buffalo Bills v Cleveland Browns Source:Getty

Brownie’s Instagram sits in the middle in terms of follower count, with just over 29k, but has the highest engagement rate at 10.4%. The mascot also has the sixth highest number of followers reached per post, with an estimated two-fifths of fans (44%) seeing each upload on average. 

2. San Francisco 49ers – Sourdough Sam

Atlanta Falcons v San Francisco 49ers Source:Getty

In second place is the San Francisco 49’s Sourdough Sam with a score of 19 out of 30. The mascot boasted the second-highest engagement rate, with 9.2%.

3. Detroit Lions – Roary

Green Bay Packers vs Detroit Lions Source:Getty

Instagram’s third most loved NFL mascot is the Detroit Lion’s Roary with a score of 16.4. 

Despite having the smallest number of followers out of those assessed, Roary’s Instagram has the highest engagement rate with over half (50%) of followers interacting with the account.  

The account also has over a third (36%) more fans reached per upload compared to the mascot with the most followers, meaning Roary’s fans are particularly committed. 

4. Indianapolis Colts – Blue

NFL: OCT 29 Saints at Colts Source:Getty

The Indianapolis Colts’ mascot Blue is the fourth most loved NFL mascot on Instagram with a score of 15.6.  

The team has a hefty follower count of 258k followers this November, making it the most followed NFL mascot in the study. Despite this, the Indianapolis Colts’ mascot has the lowest engagement rate – at just 0.3%.  

5. Chicago Bears – Staley Da Bear

NFL: AUG 25 Preseason - Chiefs at Bears Source:Getty

The fifth most loved is Staley Da Bear, the mascot of the Chicago Bears, who scored 14.8. The mascot has the secondhighest rate of followers reached per upload, with an average of over two-fifths (48%) of their 10k followers seeing each post. 

6. Los Angeles Rams – Rampage the Ram

Philadelphia Eagles v Los Angeles Rams Source:Getty

In sixth place is Rampage, the mascot of the Los Angeles Rams. Rampage has a score of 13.9 and an engagement rate of 2.7%, which is more than a fifth (22%) higher than the average. 

7. Minnesota Vikings – Viktor the Viking 

NFL: AUG 26 Preseason - Cardinals at Vikings Source:Getty

With a score of 13.2, the Minnesota Vikings mascot Viktor takes seventh place. With 43k followers and a reach of 40% per upload, the viking is incredibly popular.  

8. Tennessee Titans – T-Rac 

Cincinnati Bengals v Tennessee Titans Source:Getty

With a score of 12.7, the Tennessee Titans mascot T-Rac comes in eighth place overall. 

T-Rac the racoon, which is the national animal of Tennessee, has one of the lowest follower counts on this list with only 15.4k. The mascot also has a far lower engagement rate than is typical for an account of its size at 3% – which is more than a quarter (26%) lower than expected. 

9. Seattle Seahawks – Blitz

Washington Commanders v Seattle Seahawks Source:Getty

The Seattle Seahawks Blitz is ranked ninth in Instagram’s most loved mascots with a score of 12.7- the slightest bit behind T-Rac. Blitz is well loved amongst Seahawk fans and has over 100k followers on Instagram. 

Since his debut in 1998, Blitz has populated many of the Seahawks games, and his Instagram followers prove loyal with an average of 33% of followers being reached with each post. 

10. Carolina Panthers – Sir Purr  

NFL: NOV 05 Colts at Panthers Source:Getty

Ranking tenth on this list is the Carolina PanthersSir Purr. The account has accumulated over 51k followers on Instagram and scored 12.6 out of 30 in the study. 

With an engagement rate of 2.9% exactly as would be typical for an account with that many followersSir Purr continues to be a source of cheer for the Panther’s fans. 

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