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COLLEGE FOOTBALL: AUG 31 Ohio State at Indiana

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68 Best NCAA March Madness Bracket Names

Based on the search results across the web, there are numerous creative and humorous bracket names available for individuals to name their brackets during March Madness.

Selfishly we think we have provided the best list for you!

These names can range from puns that have everything to do with basketball to puns for people who have never watch basketball.

The variety of options ensures that participants can find the perfect name to add a fun and competitive element to their March Madness experience.

Check out our 68 Best NCAA March Madness Bracket Names below!

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1. Final Fourgasm

Family dancing at water park Source:Getty

2. Premature Ejection

UH Kelvin Sampson Ejection Source:Getty

3. Hoosier Daddy?

COLLEGE FOOTBALL: AUG 31 Ohio State at Indiana Source:Getty

4. That Sh** Creigh(ton)

Creighton v Seton Hall Source:Getty

5. Busted Like My Bracket


6. Baby Got Brack

Fashion Model Wearing Swimwear On Beach Source:Getty

7. Making Brackets Great Again

Former President Trump Speaks At The NRA Presidential Forum In Harrisburg, Pennsylvania Source:Getty

8. Zero Dunks Given

Creighton v Seton Hall Source:Getty

9. Full Metal Bracket

a cartridge box Source:Getty

10. Put Your Dukes On

Georgia Tech v Duke Source:Getty

11. Court Stormers

COLLEGE BASKETBALL: FEB 21 Kentucky at LSU Source:Getty

12. This Is How We PurDUE IT

Rutgers v Purdue Source:Getty

13. Something’s Bruin

COLLEGE BASKETBALL: FEB 15 Colorado at UCLA Source:Getty

14. Sister Jean’s Holy Bracket

Sister Jean Visits "Fox & Friends" Source:Getty

15. Cinderella Story

Disneyland Hotel Reopening Celebration At Disneyland Paris Source:Getty

16. Headbands Make Her Dance

Kansas v West Virginia Source:Getty

17. Zags To Riches

NCAA BASKETBALL: MAR 25 Div I Men's Championship Elite 8 - Gonzaga vs UConn Source:Getty

18. You Had Me At Swissssh

San Antonio Spurs v Sacramento Kings Source:Getty

19. I’m Skipping Work For This

Dealing with fatigue and increasing employee freshness, Stress management and emotional regulation, Enthusiastic business people leap forward from depressed mood to a refreshing level. Vector design. Source:Getty

20. Buzzer Beaters

Vanderbilt v Tennessee Source:Getty

21. Bustin On Your Bracket

The 29th annual Mexcian Rodeo Extravanza 2024 Source:Getty

22. Basket Cases

Basketball Backboard and Hoop Against Blue Sky Source:Getty

23. I Have A Better Chance With Halle Berry


24. Coach 1K


25. Go Hard In The Painter

COLLEGE BASKETBALL: FEB 22 Rutgers at Purdue Source:Getty

26. So Your Saying There’s A Chance

Funny pug dog player with glasses holds a full house card and a chip and plays poker in a casino. Win and luck, creative idea. Success, concept Source:Getty

27. Fast Breaking Bad

2023 Comic-Con International: San Diego Day 2 Source:Getty

28. Point Gods

Los Angeles Lakers v Golden State Warriors Source:Getty

29. This Whole Thing’s A bracket

Glowing neon line Results and standing tables scoreboard championship tournament bracket icon isolated on black background. Colorful outline concept. Vector Source:Getty

30. Crying Jordan

Orlando Magic v Charlotte Bobcats, Game 4 Source:Getty

31. Floppers

Georgetown v Seton Hall Source:Getty

32. Taking Flight

COLLEGE BASKETBALL: FEB 21 Duke at Miami Source:Getty

33. Definitely In My IZZONE

Iowa v Michigan State Source:Getty

34. Sparty Party

Illinois v Michigan State Source:Getty

35. March Sadness

Furman v Virginia Source:Getty

36. March Badness

Charlotte Hornets v Brooklyn Nets Source:Getty

37. Bracket On Track

Athletes running on track and field stadium Source:Getty

38. One Shining Moment

Big 12 Championship: Baylor v Missouri Source:Getty

39. March Mad Men

Young man frustrated by his girlfriend who constantly argues with him Source:Getty

40. Back Door Man

COLLEGE BASKETBALL: FEB 17 Miami at Boston College Source:Getty

41. Air Ballers

Boston College v Duke Source:Getty

42. Church of Bracketology

Beautiful Autumn Scenery Of Lake Bled with the Bled island in Gorenjska, Slovenia Source:Getty

43. Spoilermakers

COLLEGE BASKETBALL: FEB 22 Rutgers at Purdue Source:Getty

44. Going, Going, Gonzaga

NCAA Men's Basketball Tournament - West Regional Source:Getty

45. Barn Burners

Real Barn Burner Source:Getty

46. Boom Goes The Dynamite

Bright comic background with speech bubble. Comic speech explosion. Comic background with geometric forms and halftone texture. Comic speed lines Source:Getty

47. Livin On A Prayer

NBA: DEC 02 Warriors at Clippers Source:Getty

48. Mother Dunkers

CU vs Washington State Mens Basketball Source:Getty

49. Breaking Cardinal Rules

Birds Eating Seed on a Wooden Railing in Birmingham, Alabama in the Winter - Male Cardinal Source:Getty

50. Bracket Buster

Marquette v Wisconsin Source:Getty

51. I’m Just Here So I Don’t Get Fined

Pittsburgh Steelers v Seattle Seahawks Source:Getty

52. It Takes Two To Tango

Beautiful argentine tango dancers in the streets of Buenos Aires Argentina Source:Getty

53. Three-Point Troublemaker

COLLEGE BASKETBALL: FEB 10 Indiana at Purdue Source:Getty

54. Love In Basketball

Arizona State v Arizona Source:Getty

55. Bracketology Buffoon

An elderly man with red hair wearing a red scarf and heart-shaped glasses stands in a scary stance with a metal chain Source:Getty

56. Rim Rattlers

Oklahoma State v Cincinnati Source:Getty

57. The Benchwarmers

COLLEGE BASKETBALL: JAN 28 Memphis at UAB Source:Getty

58. Half-Court Hooligans

COLLEGE BASKETBALL: JAN 30 Oklahoma at Kansas State Source:Getty

59. Ball So Hard University

COLLEGE BASKETBALL: FEB 07 Louisville at Syracuse Source:Getty

60. Loud Noises

COLLEGE BASKETBALL: JAN 27 Texas at BYU Source:Getty

61. One Shining Moment

COLLEGE BASKETBALL: FEB 10 Xavier at Butler Source:Getty

62. My Morning Bracket

Silhouette of trees against sky during sunset Source:Getty

63. Undefeated

The student section cheers for Indiana University before an... Source:Getty

64. The Dream Shakers

Pensive and thoughtful senior man sitting at the table Source:Getty

65. One TIme At Band Camp

Group of family having fun playing guitar while camping at the night Source:Getty

66. Ankle Breakers

Medical bandage correctly wrapped around female sprained left ankle stand on white background Source:Getty

67. A Non Smokers Smoke Break

Broken smoking cigarette in black and white photo. Source:Getty

68. Arts & Crafts

Colored crayons, red candle Source:Getty

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