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fantasy football punishment for the 2023 football fantasy season

20 Last Place Punishments For Your 2023 Fantasy Football League

If you come in last place in your fantasy footkball league, it is common to have to face a punishment as a consequence.

These punishments vary and are often “lighthearted” and humorous, intended to add an extra layer of fun and competition to the league for the season.

Some popular punishments include body waxing, dressing up like an animal, getting a tattoo chosen by the rest of the league, competing in unusual contests such as amateur bodybuilding or stand-up comedy, and enduring activities like jumping into a lake or pond.

People implement punishments for finishing last in fantasy football for several reasons:

  1. Encouraging Active Participation – Punishments can prevent managers from quitting or neglecting their teams if they have a poor start to the season.

  2. Adding Humor and Entertainment – It provides entertainment not only for the league members but sometimes for friends and family who may witness or hear about the punishments.

  3. Balancing the Joy and Misery – While winners celebrate their success, having punishments for last-place finishers ensures there is a balance in acknowledging both the joy of victory and the disappointment of defeat. It prevents managers from feeling left out or forgotten if they finish at the bottom.

However, it’s important that all league members agree upon the punishments and that they are conducted in good spirit, without crossing any personal boundaries or causing harm.

Take a look at our list of 20 Last Place Punishments For Your 2023 Fantasy Football League below! List created by Jasper AI

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1. Body Waxing

Man Waxing Chest With Wax Strip Source:Getty

The last-place finisher has to endure a body waxing session.

2. The Waffle House


The loser is obligated to spend 24 hours in a Waffle House restaurant, with each waffle consumed deducting an hour from the sentence.

3. Hair Color Makeover

Portrait of a transgender male healthcare professional Source:Getty

The last-place finisher must dye their hair in a bold and unconventional color chosen by the league.

4. Physical Endurance Test

Happy senior running across the finish line - Mature man running marathon race. - Source:Getty

The person who finishes last must complete a challenging physical activity or endurance test, such as a marathon or tough obstacle course race.

5. Play in a U.S. Open Qualifier


The last-place finisher is required to participate in a local U.S. Open qualifier for a different sport or activity.

6. The Loser Tattoo

Houston Chronicle Source:Getty

The last-place finisher has to get a tattoo chosen by the rest of the league.

7. Trophy Design

Brighton and Hove Albion v Derby County - FA Cup Fifth Round Source:Getty

The person who finishes last is responsible for designing and creating a unique, personalized trophy for the league winner.

8. Stand-up Comedy

Efforts to save The Boulevard, the only gay bar in Pasadena Source:Getty

The last-place finisher must try their hand at stand-up comedy at an open mic night.

9. Take the SAT/ACT

hand of a businessman who shows emotion squeezes a red ball with stress, anger, and aggression on the table with a laptop computer. health concept Source:Getty

The person who finishes at the bottom has to take the SAT or ACT exam, even if they aren’t planning to attend college.

10. Mystery Food Challenge

Fish drying on the beach in Nazare Source:Getty

The loser participates in a challenge where they have to eat unusual or bizarre foods chosen by the other league members.

11. Public Embarrassment

Mr Clown. Portrait of Funny face Clown man in colorful uniform standing holding smartphone. Happy expression male bozo in various pose with cellphone on isolated background. Source:Getty

The loser has to wear a ridiculous costume or outfit of the league’s choice and spend a day in a popular public place.

12. Donation Challenge

Food bank day Source:Getty

The last-place finisher has to donate a certain amount of money to a charity chosen by the league.

13. Singing Karaoke

Shocked face young asian man singing song. Artist vocalist singer on isolated background. Confident man public speaking talking with microphone in studio. Source:Getty

The loser is required to perform karaoke in front of the rest of the league.

14. Serve as a Butler

A man makes his cozy bed with fresh bright white bed linen. Making the bed with fresh bed linen by white man. The day of the change of bedclothes. The day of washing bedclothes in the laundry room. Source:Getty

The loser becomes a butler for the league’s draft party, catering to everyone’s needs throughout the event.

15. One Last-Place Trophy

Freestyle Trampolining World Championships Source:Getty

Create one trophy specifically for the last-place finisher, who will have to keep it for a year.

16. Caged Animal

Animal shelter Lahr Source:Getty

The person who finishes last has to spend a day volunteering at an animal shelter, taking care of the animals.

17. Dodgeball with Fruit

fruit hitting a guy in the head flying across the open field Source:n/a

The loser must participate in a game of dodgeball using fruit instead of regular dodgeballs.

18. Social Media Takeover

Man pointing laptop screen and looking at camera with shocked expression, open mouth. Source:Getty

The loser’s social media accounts are handed over to the rest of the league members for a day, allowing them to post funny and embarrassing content.

19. Chore Day

Recently cleaned kitchen utensils seen in a large ceramic sink. Source:Getty

The last-place finisher becomes the designated “chore slave” for a day, completing all the household chores requested by the league members.

20. Personalized License Plate

Alaska Vanity License plate says WUUHUU Source:Getty

The loser has to drive around with a custom license plate that displays an embarrassing fantasy football-related message.

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