Kevin’s Corner

In the latest series of the Colts soap opera, they are turning to one of their former greats to lead the 3-5-1 team the rest of the season.

Following one of their most embarrassing performances in franchise history, Jim Irsay decided it was time to let Frank Reich go, despite 4 years remaining on the head coach’s contract.

What was the good and bad from the Colts (3-5-1) losing another game in Foxborough?

What did we learn from the Colts losing their straight game?

This week has been all about a ton of news coming out of West 56th street with the firing offensive coordinator Marcus Brady and the trade of Nyheim Hines.

The Colts traded one of their most durable and versatile offensive weapons on Tuesday to the Buffalo Bills, making the move before the NFL trade deadline at 4:00 PM eastern.

Well, add offensive coordinator Marcus Brady to the list of Colts scapegoats in 2022.

It would be foolish to say Sam Ehlinger should be the Colts franchise quarterback after one NFL start, but his starting debut certainly had plenty of promising moments.

Hits And Misses: Parris Campbell Showing More And More Potential

Here is what was learned from the Colts (3-4-1) losing 17-16 to the Commanders in Week Eight.