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A graphic for Beyond The Bricks on the pavement from the IMS

Tonight, on Beyond the Bricks with Jake Query and Mike Thomsen, they continue to discuss drivers that have dabbled in NASCAR and IndyCar with the doubleheader this weekend at IMS. The first drive Jake and Mike profile is Lee Roy Yarbrough with audio from IMS Historian Donald Davidson recapping his racing career and his postrace interview after winning the 1969 Daytona 500.

In the second segment of tonight’s show, Jake and Mike bring back the IMS Historian to recap the careers of Bobby Allison and Fred Lorenz. Additionally, you will hear a commercial that Allison did with Hardees back in the day and a story from Mike about him as well.

In the final segment of the show, Jake and Mike bring back Donald Davidson one final time for him to remember one of the biggest stock car races held at the IRP in the Yankee 300.

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