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Indiana Hoosiers fans were hoping Trayce Jackson-Davis would stay home, but the Pacers passed on him at No. 26 and No. 55 and traded away their No. 29 and No. 32 picks.

Buchanan felt there wasn’t a fit for Trayce Jackson-Davis on the Pacers’ roster.

As heard on our station this morning:

107.5 The Fan’s Jake Query asked Buchanan, “How heavily did you explore Trayce Jackson-Davis at 55?”

“I mean, we love Trayce Jackson-Davis as a player,” Buchanan said. “And, you know, sometimes it’s got to be a mutual interest. You don’t want to have a player with you that is not coming in wanting to be there. Trayce is going to be a terrific player, and like I said, we were big fans. Obviously our roster and what he is, the position he plays, wasn’t a great fit. We understood that, and his representatives understood that. But if we had been in a situation where we didn’t have four players at his position, I think Trayce would have been a great option for us. And Iike I said, we were big fans of his game.”

Jake then asked, “So then was there discussion, I would assume from that, from Trayce Jackson-Davis or his camp, that he would have been happier going elsewhere and that he didn’t feel Indiana was a fit for him?

“I think that’s accurate to say,” Buchanan said.

Trayce Jackson-Davis after the draft tweeted:

As many thought he was directing his comment to the Pacers it has been cleared up that he was more referring to being the second to last pick of the draft and his comments were to all 29 other teams.

Full interview with Buchanan is below.

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