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Trackside - a picture of indy cars coming down the straight away at the IMS

Tonight, on Trackside with Curt Cavin and Kevin Lee, they go over the first day of Indianapolis 500 practices. They detail multiple drivers’ performances including Scott Dixon’s fastest lap, and RC Enerson passing his rookie test for the second time. Takuma Sato took the fastest lap on the first day of practices with Scott Dixon and Scott Ferucci following closely behind. Curt highlights Augustin Canapino as a driver who had a day full of ups and downs spending most of the day at the lower end of the speed chart, then jumping up to 10th, before falling again later. The two hosts breakdown Hunkos Hollinger’s 2023 campaign and the changes that need to be made for them to be successful as a team this Indy 500. Curt gives an anecdote regarding his conversation with Jack Harvey earlier in the day and how he ranks race simulation and qualifications mentally. Could Scott Dixon become the first driver to win the pole position for the third straight year?

Additionally, Kevin and Curt discuss F1 racing and Italy’s cancellation of the 2023 Italian Grand Prix due to severe flooding within the country. The Burger Bash is next Monday and Kevin is looking to debut a brand-new feature this year! Connor Daly and Joey Mulinaro will be doing a live edition of their “Speed Street” Podcast during the event. Kevin believes there will be quite a few drivers from different teams who will show up to talk for a while as well.

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