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Indianapolis Colts NFL Draft Selections day 1 - day 3

INDIANAPOLIS – The Colts spent a 5th round pick on a running back in 2023, complementing some of the skillsets they already have in that room.

With the 176th overall pick in the 2023 NFL Draft, the Colts took Northwestern running back Evan Hull in Round Five.

Here are 3 takeaways on Hull:


1. Reliable, Versatile Running Back 

For the second time on Day 3, the Colts find a pick out of Pat Fitzgerald’s Northwestern program. Hull was one of the more multi-dimensional players in all of college football last season. He finished 3rd in the Big-Ten in all-purpose yards per game. He caught 88 combined balls in the last 2 seasons, but also had over 2,000 rushing yards. Hull (5-10, 209) ran 4.47 in the 40-yard dash and tested well in the shorter areas of quickness.


2. Get the Pass Catcher

This Colts running back room needs a pass catcher to go along with Jonathan Taylor and Zack Moss. With Nyheim Hines in Buffalo, the Colts never really replaced him in an effective manner late last year. Hull caught 33 balls in 2021, and then 55 this past season. Those are really high numbers for a running back, especially in the Big Ten. This type of ingredient for an offense is helpful, particularly with a young QB, and is worth a Round 5 pick. Hull was the only FCS running back to catch 50-plus balls last season.


3. Deepest Draft Position Gets Attention  

I’m never a huge fan of drafting a running back, but the Colts just needed someone to fill that 3rd down/receiving type role behind Jonathan Taylor and Zack Moss. It’s a lot of responsibility to throw a rookie running back into a 3rd-down role right away, but the Colts have a void there after the departure of Nyheim Hines. And it would be very advantageous for a young QB to have this sort of check down safety valve early in his career. Hence the reason for Evan Hull.

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