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NFL Combine

INDIANAPOLIS Wednesday brought the second chance for Shane Steichen to meet the media as Colts head coach.

Steichen was present at the Combine on Wednesday for his first in the role as an NFL head coach.

And, as you’d expect, many Steichen questions on Wednesday were quarterback focused.

Here are some of the highlights from Steichen (and Ballard’s thoughts here) at the Combine:

  • On the gut feel/analytics balance: “I’m going to take analytics into the equation, most definitely. I know there’s a chart. I’m going to listen to the chart. But it depends on how the game is going, the flow of the game dictates that. If it’s a ‘go-go’ situation, but we are up 2 scores, and you have the chance to go up 3 and kick the field goal, I’m going to take the points there, just situations like that.”


  • On the offensive plan: “Whoever is that guy back there throwing it, you’ve got to adjust them. You have to build that offense around the quarterback, first and foremost. You can’t be stuck in your ways of ‘Hey, this is the system we run.’ You have to be able to adapt to that guy, and not only that guy but it’s all the players around him—the receivers, the tight ends. Put those guys into positions to make plays. What does this receiver run well? What does the tight end do well? What do these backs do well? The offensive line. I think it’s the same thing on defense. You’ve got to put these guys into a position to maximize their talents so they can shine on Sunday’s.”



  • On if 6-0 too short: “No. We’ve seen it done. Drew Brees is a great example. He’s phenomenal.”


  • On if you can coach accuracy: “I think you can help accuracy. I think you can help accuracy with mechanics. Part of it too is the scheme you put them in. Don’t make them think too much. Simplify the offense to build it around the quarterback.”


  • On the hiring of offensive coordinator Jim Bob Cooter: “Obviously, Jim Bob has had a lot of success in this league. Obviously, he started in the league being around Peyton Manning for awhile, and then he had success with Stafford at Detroit and then this previous year with Lawrence in Jacksonville. So his expertise with the quarterback, the way he sees the game, the preparation he puts into it. I got to spend a year with him in 2021 at Philly and really get to know him as a person, see how he saw the game. That’s where we created that relationship, and I have no doubt in my mind that he’s going do a phenomenal job.”


  • On retaining defensive coordinator Gus Bradley: “I have a ton of respect for Gus. I spent four years with him, just the person he is, the leader he is. Nothing but phenomenal things to say about Gus. I’m very fortunate to have him still in the building and then obviously the rest of the staff that’s in place. And we’ll see the full staff when it comes out here soon.”

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