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INDIANAPOLIS – The Colts will enter the 2023 Draft with the 4th overall selection.

With another loss for Indianapolis to end the season—the 7th straight and 10th in their past 11 games—the Colts will hold the 4th pick, with a little help from the Denver Broncos in the final week of the season.

Final 2023 Draft Order

1. Bears: 3-14

2. Texans: 3-13

3. Cardinals: 4-13

4. Colts: 4-12-1

5. Seahawks (via Broncos): 5-12

6. Lions (via Rams): 5-11

7. Raiders: 6-11

8. Falcons: 7-10

9. Panthers: 7-10

10. Eagles (from Saints): 7-10

Colts 2023 Draft Picks (will change subtly after compensatory picks are awarded)

Round 1-4

Round 2-36

Round 3-81 (from Washington)

Round 4-106

Round 5-139

Round 6-206 (from Buffalo)

Round 7-223

Round 7-238 (from Tampa)

With that unanswered QB of the future question looming large, many are rightfully thrilled to see the Colts holding the 4th overall pick.

Chicago having the 1st overall pick brings an interesting dynamic to the draft though.

The Bears are set at quarterback with Justin Fields, so one would think they’ll dangle that selection out there for trade bait.

And if this draft is viewed with two quarterbacks above the rest (Bryce Young and C.J. Stroud?), it’s going to be quite the battle for a team trading up to No. 1, assuming the Texans will then take a QB at No. 2.

Also, don’t rule out the Cardinals in the quarterback market, given the uncertainty with the future at GM and head coach there, plus Kyler Murray tearing his ACL this past season.

Yes, the 4th pick is a nice spot for the Colts, but they could be looking at getting the ‘3rd’ quarterback in this draft, unless they are willing to trade up.

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