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It’s a night that none of us will forget as Buffalo Bills safety Damar Hamlin lay in the middle of Paycor Stadium surrounded by paramedics and the entire Bills and Cincinnati Bengals staffs.  Hamlin, being given CPR, fights for his life in front of a horrified national audience.  Football was a distant second thought as all anyone could think and hope for was for the 24-year old Hamlin’s life to continue past Monday night.

Broadcasters and analysts did the best they could in an unenviable position but we all saw the human side of us all come out in full support of Hamlin and his family.  No one wanted to watch a football game any more.  We just wanted to hear some good news for the young man laying on that field.  Unfortunately, many of us went to bed with no idea what his status was.

Thankfully, we awoke to news that while he suffered cardiac arrest he was in the best care and currently under medical supervision for further evaluation.  It’s a long road for Damar Hamlin but it’s one that will hopefully be fully diagnosed and cared for under medical professionals.

Maybe the game will somehow be made up, maybe it won’t.  Who cares?  Sports seem trivial when real life consequences are at stake.

One positive from the horrors we saw Monday night is that while social media can regularly be a cesspool for division and ugliness, it’s moments like this that bring human beings together.  Hamlin’s GoFundMe to purchase toys for children in his community has now shattered it’s goal of $2,500 and exceeded $4 million as of this writing.

On Tuesday’s Kevin & Query, Craig, an ICU nurse, called into the show to explain what he witnessed and has dealt with in his time when it comes to heart-related issues.  Jake also shared his personal battle with heart issues.  Click the link below for that full discussion.

All thoughts and prayers with Damar Hamlin and his family.

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