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In what was one of the strangest press conferences in recent NFL history, Jim Irsay with GM Chris Ballard and Interim HC Jeff Saturday on either side of him provided quotes that left Colts fans everywhere questioning the decision making and the short term future of the franchise.


Less than two weeks ago Jim Irsay spoke to ESPN’s Chris Mortenson about the job security of both Frank Reich and Chris Ballard, seemingly putting an end to whether or not there would be any firings midseason.


All it took for Jim Irsay to do a complete 180 was perhaps the most embarrassing offensive performance by the Colts since before the Manning era. Frank Reich was fired, Jeff Saturday was named the interim Head Coach and Jim Irsay was asked again whether or not Chris Ballard would continue in his role as GM for the Colts into 2023. Here was Irsay’s answer:


Well that settles that, right? Normally fans would take Irsay at his word. He’s known for being a straight shooter. But 10 days after giving Frank Reich the vote of confidence you fire him and bring in someone to be an NFL Head Coach that has no NFL or college coaching experience? Fans should take everything coming out of the Colts Complex on W. 56th St. with a major grain of salt.

Irsay made a point to mention that he every coach he’s hired has had a winning record with the Colts. Ironically, the GM that sat to his right currently has a losing record. In Chris Ballard’s 6 seasons as GM, the Colts are 44-45-1 and unless Jeff Saturday is a miracle worker, that record will get worse by seasons end.


If you missed any of the reaction to everything that happened on a wild Monday, take a listen to 107.5 The Fan afternoon host JMV’s reaction to the firing of Frank Reich, Jeff Saturday being hired, and what he thinks happens to this team for the remainder of the 2022 season.



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