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NFL trade deadlines are usually a lot of bark and no bite. But this year? The league delivered action right up until the 4:00 PM deadline.


The only move the Colts made was a big one. Fan favorite Nyheim Hines found himself going to perhaps the Super Bowl favorite this season in the Buffalo Bills. Hines had a career year in 2020 with the check down King Phillip RIvers. Carson Wentz’s style of play didn’t lend itself to a lot of catches out of the backfield so when Matt Ryan was brought to Indianapolis, even Frank Reich expected a 2020 like season for the RB.


Unfortunately, we never saw that big season. Whether you place the blame on Ryan, the offensive line, injuries, or play calling, Hines only had 43 touches through 8 games. That’s only a little over 5 touches per game, down from his stats with Carson Wentz in 2021.


On The Ride with JMV Tuesday afternoon, JMV was asked by a listener whether he believes that it’s possible Hines went to Chris Ballard and asked for a trade. Initially skeptical, JMV asked IndyStar Colts Beat Writer Joel Erickson if the theory had any merit and was surprised at the answer.


Take a listen to JMV’s full conversastion with Joel Erickson below! They dive into the compensation the Colts got back for Hines, why Marcus Brady was let go, and more!


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