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If Jim Irsay ever wants to purchase another NFL team, the Washington Commanders fans would welcome him with open arms.  That’s according to Ben Standig, the Commanders beat writer for The Athletic, who joined Kevin & Query on Thursday to talk about the Colts’ opponent on Sunday.  Irsay’s comments about Commanders’ owner Daniel Snyder and why he should be removed from ownership sparked a ton of positive feedback from fans who are sick of Snyder and want him gone.

If [Irsay] wanted to run for public office in D.C., he would probably win right now. – Ben Standig on Commanders’ fans reaction to Irsay’s comments about Snyder

Snyder has been about as despised as an owner can be among his own fan base.  Whether it’s the very serious sexual harassment workplace allegations or the on-field product or the stadium experience, fans have had decades of frustrations and anger towards him and would love to see the franchise no longer be in a constant state of drama and turmoil.

Snyder is expected to be in attendance Sunday at Lucas Oil Stadium, but don’t expect him to sit in the owner’s box or break bread with Irsay at any point. Other topics that came up in the Standig interview was the franchise’s thoughts on Carson Wentz so far, if they view him as a long-term answer at QB.  If they have any buyer’s remorse for the trade and whether or not he will be back under center again this season once he clears IR and thoughts on local Indianapolis-product Terry McLaurin and his impact with the Commanders.

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