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*This article was written before the benching of Matt Ryan*

Another AFC South divisional game, another loss for the Indianapolis Colts.

That appears to be the routine around here as of late.

Once again, the Colts got down double digits early and had to try and fight their way back into the game.  But trailing 13-0 at halftime, we got very different reactions from Frank Reich and Titans coach Mike Vrabel.

CBS Sports’ sideline reporter Aditi Kinkhabwala gave her halftime report from both teams and they couldn’t be more different.  Vrabel, who’s team was up 13-0 at the time, was said to be upset they were giving Matt Ryan too many opportunities and should be up more.  Switch to Frank Reich, who just watched another first half double-digit deficit, another mountain to climb in yet another division game and his response was to the tune of if we score out of the gate in the second half then we’re only down one score and the kicker: “We’ve got Matt Ryan.”

“We’ve got Matt Ryan”

You sure do!  The bad thing is you have the 2022 version of Matt Ryan who has been a turnover machine through seven games.  He’s been uncharacteristically careless with the football.  It hasn’t helped his offensive line has been porous and the weapons around him are nothing close to what he had in Atlanta but it’s still alarming how bad he’s been this year.  For Frank Reich to use Ryan as an optimistic reason to overcome a double-digit deficit seemed curious on it’s own but to compare it to Vrabel’s dissatisfaction with his own team shows a total lack of awareness.

He has been streaky at best and downright bad at points this season.  To throw hopes on Matt Ryan being some sort of beacon of hope to rally the troops from yet another first half deficit (that he had a major hand in putting them in) seems foolhardy.

That appears to be the Colts these days though.  A team that appears comfortable being a middling franchise in the worst division in football.  A team who hasn’t won said division since 2014.  A team who continues to go to the veteran QB well instead of actually ripping the Band-Aid off and developing a young quarterback.

“We have Matt Ryan”.

And the other 31 NFL teams, specifically the three in your division, are happy you do.

-Marc Dykton

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